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Supporting someone in prison?

Staying in touch with loved ones, friends or family especially through Coronavirus is more important than ever....


Safer landings provides the key to better mental health in the criminal justice system

Safer Landings is a project that aims to reduce mental ill-health, promote mental health, and ensure well-being through our tailored programs.

Safer Landings works to improve the quality of life for people affected by the criminal justice system.

Our knowledge of prevention approaches enables us to translate research into effective interventions that can be scaled nationally.

" To maximize impact, we build the capacity of others."

Our ethos is simple, Prevent, Promote, Preserve


Reduce the incidence of mental illness among people connected to the criminal justice system by improving their mental health education and literacy.



A focus is on improving the quality of life for prisoners by providing support, raising awareness, combating stigma and providing emotional support to families and loved ones.



Develop safe spaces and activities within UK prisons aimed at establishing and maintaining well-being for all.

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